Black Panther Movie Gel Pen 2-Pack

Black Panther Movie Gel Pen 2-Pack

  • The ink? Liquid Vibranium!
  • Are we lying? Yes!
  • Officially licensed Black Panther pens based on the hit film.
  • Two-pack of gel pens with 0.7mm points.
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The Black Panther's penmanship is second to none.

T'Challa is renowned for his genius-level intellect, his position of royalty, his superior fighting skills, and his ceremonial super-suit representing his position as the sci-fi cat-king, Black Panther.

However, there's a particular skill one overlooks when considering the Panther's more notable abilities -- his superior utilization of fine writing implements.

Yes, the Black Panther's handwriting is a blend of artistic flourishes, scientific precision, and tribal homages -- his signature alone is worth a frame and an exhibit.

What's T'Challa's favorite writing-thing? Why, that would be either pen included in our Black Panther Movie Gel Pen 2-Pack.

Each pen is adorned with skillfully illustrated (and more than a little intimidating) images of Black Panther emerging from the dark and misty veldt. 

With black, rubbery grippers for easy pen gripping, these Black Panther pens are puuuuuurfect. Yes, I went there.


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  • Sku: penbpm2pck
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Black Panther Movie Gel Pen 2-Pack

Bronx, NY
submitted 10 months ago

Haven't tried to actually write with them yet, but- pens from 'Wakanda'! Sweet! ;-)

Earth 23 Superman
Chicago, IL
submitted 1 year ago

I like the design of the pens, unfortunately the gel ink skips. It's an issue with this type of ink.