Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack
Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack-Widow Symbol
Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack-Spider
Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack-Web
Black Widow Earrings 3-PackBlack Widow Earrings 3-Pack-Widow SymbolBlack Widow Earrings 3-Pack-SpiderBlack Widow Earrings 3-Pack-Web

Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack

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The Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack features 3 sets of earrings modeled after Avenger's leading lady! Perfect for those days when you're outfit doesn't have any statement pieces, or they can be used for cosplay or to enhance that Black Widow costume you've been working on. 

Black Widow is a super spy superhero that kicks major butt, which is why we love her! And why you should probably buy these earrings. I mean, who doesn't want to dress like Black Widow day to day! 

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  • Sku: earbw3pck
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Black Widow Earrings 3-Pack

Little Nikki
submitted 1 year ago

I got these earrings to match my black widow shirt....they are a perfect match.