Black Widow Stingers 12oz Ceramic Mug

$9.99 Reg.$12.99

Black Widow Stingers 12oz Ceramic Mug

$9.99 Reg.$12.99

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She spins, kicks, and stings.

The Black Widow is a formidable Russian super-soldier trained, augmented, and manipulated by the dangerously experimental (and thankfully decommissioned) RED ROOM program.

Thanks to a surviving moral center and a few convincing Marvel heroes, the Black Widow (real name: Natasha Romanoff) availed herself of the cold, seductive, and calculating super-spy and joined the ranks of Marvel Comics' elite.

And yes, when I say "elite," I'm referring to The Avengers.

Made from solid and temperature-regulating ceramic, our Black Widow Stingers 12oz Ceramic Mug represents a definitive perk when one dismisses their evil ways and joins The Avengers -- superior merchandising.

Yes, this red Black Widow mug features two striking images of the ex-assassin in action -- she's aiming her wrist-adorned blasters, and preparing to spin-kick an off-camera malcontent.

  • Yes, you can totally stick it in the dishwasher.

  • And yes, you can totally stick this Avengers mug in the microwave to heat up your tea, coffee, milk, or set fire to sensitive documents detailing HYDRA's new command center located on the moon.

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