Deadpool Cable Funko Pop Bobble Head

Deadpool Cable Funko Pop Bobble Head

  • The closer he stands to your Deadpool FUNKO figure, the more he curses.
  • Officially licensed Cable bobble-head figure.
  • Measures 4" high.
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Introducing Deadpool's bestest frenemy from a craptacular future.

Sit back and I'll spin you a tale -- a tale of Cable, son of a very preeminent X-person.

Cable, born Nathaniel Summers, was (is) the son of Cyclops (yes, that Cyclops) and Madelyne Prior, a clone of Jean Grey manufactured by Mister Sinister. Whew.

Mr. Sinister wanted to use Nathan as a weapon against his former master, Apocalypse (yes, that Apocalypse), but never got the opportunity considering Apocalypse kidnapped the boy and infected him with the degenerative Techno-Organic Virus.

Who could save a dying telekinetic baby? An all-female cult residing in the far future -- specifically, the year 4935.

Measuring 4" high, our Deadpool Cable Funko Pop Bobble Head features the fully grown, middle-aged Nathan, aka Cable -- he returned to the "present" to mitigate an uninhabitable future.

Yes, this collectible Cable figure from FUNKO had the displeasure of teaming with Deadpool on more than one occasion -- a fact that makes his mission to destroy the "present" a little easier to bear.

And yes, since this is FUNKO we're taking about, the exquisite comic-accurate detailing is all there, including copious straps, an X-Men belt buckle, knee pads, a metallic arm, and a sizable sidearm.

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  • Sku: popcabdpparody314
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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