Avengers Captain America Bobblehead

Avengers Movie Captain America Pop Heroes Bobblehead

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Take a look see at this great 4 inch tall vinyl Avengers Captain America Bobblehead from super cute producer Pop Fun! Known for their unique deformed style, this Avengers Captain America Bobblehead shows off Marvel's First Avenger in his Avengers movie style! I think he is late for a date, so you may want to get this little guy before he gets really confused. The bobblehead component means that good ol Steve Rogers will be bumping his head to the sound of Red Skull rolling down the stairs. I never realized how similar villains and slinkees are.

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Movie Captain America Pop Heroes Bobblehead

Wayne, NE
submitted 5 years ago

I have already collected quite a few of them and I love them. Plus with children, they don't break and they are easy to clean (:

Houston Area
submitted 5 years ago

Again, MONTHS ago. Displayed. 'nuff said.