Captain America Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

Captain America Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

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Awww, the teeny-weeny 4 inch tall Captain America Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head! He's so cute! Sure, his head is a little bit bigger but super solider serum acts differently when used on Vinyl Bobbleheads. Good thing he didn't end up all Elephant Man style! I wonder if that teeny-tiny shield is indestructible, just like the real thing! Well....I wouldn't try just in case but it is in fun to muse. Get the Captain America Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head and it'll keep whatever you put him on free from tyranny and totally flushed with freedom! By the rockets' red glare and all that.

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

ruby Merchant.
submitted 2 years ago

So cute,so adorable,don´t you agree?Who could resist such a beauty like this Steve Rogers in miniature?I just could not.I tried not to succumb but it was too much and I finally gave in to my own feelings(Chuckle). He´s definitely been added to my own collection and what ´bout the shield...."now we are talking".Talking or not it truly deserves a good talking,oh...yeah!It could not have been designed more detailed even..A piece of work by all means,BRAVO!!

Melbourne, Australia
submitted 5 years ago

Very cute. But some of the paint job was badly done (Drips and runs from one colour section onto another). But its not bad enough that I feel the need to return it though.

New York
submitted 5 years ago

SO CUTE! Every collecter needs this