Captain America Four Button Set 1

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You've heard of a 4 Star General...but what about a 4 Button General? Yeah! Bet you never heard of one of those! They are part of an elite subsection of soldiers, bombarded by vita-rays and juiced full of superhero drugs! They sure didn't feed them aspirin, that's for sure. You know how you gain entry to such a prestigious and noble title? I bet you're thinking 'years of distinguished service in the United States Armed Forces' but you would be wrong! They don't hand buttons out in the normal military. It is more of a Boy Scout thing. I'll let you in on a secret - the Captain America Four Button Set 1 will immediately launch you to the rank of 4 Button General! This Captain America Four Button Set 1 contains 4, 1.25 inch diameter buttons featuring two buttons with the image of Captain America and 2 buttons with symbols or logos! Gotta love Marvel and their uber-patriot, Captain America! Just leave the jingoism at home.

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Joshua Yamada
Castle Rock, CO

I love this set of Buttons because they resemble my favorite superhero and I love wearing them often!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.