Captain America Silver Star Goggles
Captain America Silver Star Goggles - Front View
Captain America Silver Star Goggles - Side View
Captain America Silver Star GogglesCaptain America Silver Star Goggles - Front ViewCaptain America Silver Star Goggles - Side View

Captain America Silver Star Goggles

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Our new Captain America Silver Star Goggles offer you the chance to decide where and when goggles are appropriate AND show your love for the Avenger and Super Soldiers in the process! Sure, goggles are supposed to be for protecting your glassy orbs, but just because you don't necessarily need something doesn't mean you can't have it! And you never really know when something's going to come flying at your face, do you? No, you don't! And although they're not intended as any real protection and they're definitely not for driving (or crashing a plane into the ocean, for that matter), these Captain America goggles will have your sight-holes covered with a big ol' silver star for each one!

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  • Sku: gogcapsilverstar
  • Color: Grey-Dark
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Silver Star Goggles

Ironwoman, American Dreamer
Honolulu, HI
submitted 4 years ago

I bought these a few years ago, I believe. And I still have them. The strap is still strong and these are softer than all my other goggles I've collected. (I have a goggles/glasses fetish...sad, I know...) So I can wear these over my eyes waaaay longer than other goggles, which dig into my skin, strain my head, and cause cranial aches. Yuck. And they're fun. I mean FUN! I've worn them a lot and so far the only thing that's wearing down is the silver 'A' on the bridge strap. But it's only gotten wrinkles, that's it. Typical of goggles, but it gives it that vintage vibe that goes with the rest of the ensemble. I love that the red isn't rocket red, but deep--so deep--brownish-red, like dried blood. Yeah dried blood, that's definitely the odor. The red fabric is super soft which allows me to wear them longer. The stars are actually the dark parts of the lens, so when you look through them you're literally seeing stars that are at about 20% opacity. So, on the outside, people see the mirrored star, on the inside, YOU see transparent dark gray stars. Oh just buy the dang things. They are sooooo much fun!!!