Captain America Blue Mini Seatbelt Keychain

Captain America Blue Symbol Mini Seatbelt Keychain

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Measuring 4" high and 1" wide, this unique Captain America keychain features a snapping strap you can wrap around your belt loop, and two keyrings attached to a seatbelt style buckle that detaches after pressing a button adorned with Captain America's shield symbol! Again, this is very much like a seatbelt. So, anyway.......Cool as cool can be Captain America keychain thing that you might like of you happen to like...keychains, or...or Captain America.

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  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Blue Symbol Mini Seatbelt Keychain

Spike Valentine
Mexico City
submitted 4 years ago

This keychain is beyond practical and awesome! High quality and stylish.

Buffalo, NY
submitted 5 years ago

So useful! Has one ring for my keys and another for my building access card. No more fishing through my bag for my wallet in the rain just to get into the dorms. Fantastic.

Deadpool's Lady
submitted 5 years ago

This little thing is so convenient! I purchased it for my boyfriend as a birthday present and he absolutely loves it. The seatbelt clasp is quick and easy to detach when you need it, but will never come undone by accident. It looks awesome, and makes it so simple to grab your keys and go without any fumbling through pockets

Austin, TX
submitted 6 years ago

I completely love my new seatbelt keychain! I hook my keys on to it, and i never have to worry about losing them, because I can always feel them hitting my side when I walk! Plus, it's Captain America!