Captain America King of the Hill Magnet

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You know how Captain America became Marvel's First Avenger? No, it wasn't because he was the literal was because he won the King of the Hill tournament. Heck, you can practically hear that shield of his hum off of Thor's chiseled chin! Captain America becomes a real cutthroat when games are involved. You definitely don't want to play Lava Tag, Dodgeball, or one of those oversized parachutes with him. It won't end well for you. This fine 3.5 inch tall by 2.5 inch wide Captain America King of the Hill Magnet celebrates the Cap's awesome victories, and is perfect for placing on metal shields, helicarriers....and 'fridges!

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Brentwood, Ca

Magnet is very cool and looks great on my refrigerator.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.