Captain America Super Deformed Plush Toy

Captain America Super Deformed Plush Toy

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Measuring roughly 8" high, this soft plush figure is rendered in the deformed shape and exaggerated form of America's son, Captain America!  I mean, of course they're related; they have the same name!  Anyway, he may be soft, but his steadfast, rigid vigilance shines through in those focued baby blues and that determined...mouth position.  Anyway, you need someone looking out for the common good amidst a hardy America hug? Good, 'cause Captain America rendered in soft, distorted caricature is..uh...the plush for the job.  Yup.

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  • Sku: plushcapsuperdefrm
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Super Deformed Plush Toy

Phil, Platty616
Manchester, Eng
submitted 4 years ago

He looks great on my shelf with the other avengers, well worth the price!

New Zealand
submitted 6 years ago

Awesome lil guy to add to the collection!!

C Y Guy
submitted 6 years ago

Girlfriend sleeps with him every night, it's like a mini me!!