Captain America Issue #600 Poster by Alex Ross

Captain America #600 Poster by Alex Ross

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Measuring 24 x 36", this is a poster featuring the cover to Captain America # 600, painted by Comic Book superstar, Alex Ross!  On this Captain America # 600 Poster painted by Alex Ross we see the current Captain America, James "Bucky" Barnes slinging that ubiquitous Captain America Shield with all the angst an ex-brainwashed, Russian Black-Ops agent can muster!  Captain America is joined by current play-thing The Black Widow, The Black Falcon, Sharon Carter (also ex-brainwashed), Union Jack, Nick friggen' hard-as-nails friggen' Fury.....joined by the phantom of the noticeably incorporeal Steve Rogers, the previous Captain America.  Oh, and there's friggen' Alexander Lukin merged with the Red Skull (hence the Red Skull mask) and another adroit player in the orchestration of Steve Rogers' death, Dr. Faustus!  Thanks, @$$hole!!!!!!!

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