Captain America Photoreal Socks 2-Pack


Captain America Photoreal Socks 2-Pack


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This is why Captain America is a terrible secret agent.

Yes, Cap tried his hand at working undercover, but after leading HYDRA agents in a rousing rendition of the national anthem, the Supreme HYDRA Leader questioned the loyalty of his new, unnaturally friendly recruit.

Oh, and then an unnaturally observant HYDRA agent noticed "HYRDA Agent Patrick's" unusually patriotic socks. Whoops.

Made from soft and stretchy spandex and polyester, our Captain America Photoreal Socks 2-Pack features several Cap shields and sharp Cap images.

Let's break it down:

Pair #1! White Captain America socks for men and women featuring ultra-sharp -- and ultra-modern -- images of America's premier super-soldier.

Pair #2! Navy blue crew socks featuring oh-so-many Captain America shield symbols.

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