Captain America Logo Stance Sticker

Captain America Logo Stance Sticker

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With a diameter of around 4.25 inches, this Captain America Logo Stance Sticker shows off some classic Kirby artwork! How vintage! It looks like Captain America is begging you to bulls-eye his shield...mainly because it doesn't look like he is really trying to protect any vitals nor does it appear that he is about to chuck his shield with some righteous fury. If you can hit the star with a water balloon Captain America will let you go; if not he's allowed to hammer you into the ground like a nail with his shield!

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  • Sku: stickcaptamlogostanc
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Logo Stance Sticker

Paco Fernández
Alicante, Spain
submitted 6 years ago

Our son was born with plagiocephally, and we decided to get this sticker for his DOC Band. It was an excellent choice, since it did not wear off, and it managed to look as bright four months after we bought it as the first day we received it. Excellent quality and highly recommended too!