Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt



Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt


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He was built for war.

Steve Rogers underwent the rigors of Project: Rebirth in order to repel the advancing Nazi menace from the shores of free nations everywhere.

He was catapulted to the front lines to fight the mighty Nazi armada and hurl a few Panzer IV tanks in the direction of Hitler's bunker.

He was also given a little help in the form of James "Bucky" Barnes, a highly trained military operative who handled the "messy business" Cap was a little uncomfortable with.

Made from 100% cotton, our Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt features an image of Cap and Bucky in the throes of World War II, illustrated in a tense monochrome by the exceptionally talented Steve Epting.

Layered with a red, transparent Cap shield, this Captain America t-shirt for men features two legendary warriors -- no, soldiers -- fighting the good fight so you and I can enjoy the freedom to eat hot dogs for breakfast.

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Reviews of Captain America Comic Splash Page Men's T-Shirt

4.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Montreal, Qc, Canada

Great mix of images and scenes. the black and grey with the red shield is really awesome!!

Submitted 1 year ago

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