$21.99 Reg.$23.99
Captain America My Man Juniors T-Shirt
Captain America My Man Juniors T-Shirt- Side View
Captain America My Man Juniors T-Shirt- Close Up
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Captain America My Man Juniors T-ShirtCaptain America My Man Juniors T-Shirt- Side ViewCaptain America My Man Juniors T-Shirt- Close UpSize Chart

Captain America My Man Women's T-Shirt

$21.99 Reg.$23.99
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Made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester, this red, slim-fit women's t-shirt features an image of Captain America standing proudly against..some floating, vertical control rods. Yup. If Cap's patriotism starts burning too hot, the control rods kick in and absorb the..uh...excess patriotism. Yup. Anyway, cool Captain America t-shirt for women who...happen to like Captain America!

Fitted vs. Standard:

  • Fitted sizes are cut more narrowly through the bust and are more form-fitting.
  • Standard sizes are cut wider through the bust than are Fitted sizes and have a looser, straighter fit.

More Details

  • Sku: tscapjnrsmyman
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Captain America My Man Women's T-Shirt

American Dream
Honolulu, HI
submitted 3 years ago

UPDATE: one of my favorite shirts of all time. After several (SEVERAL) washes, it's still a very strong piece. The print still looks fantastic despite normal wear and tear, and there's nothing wrong with the shirt at all. I love it after all this time. One of the best purchases I've made.

Los Angeles, CA
submitted 4 years ago

Captain America Shirt is Awesome, love the color and the brightness of the image. Washes will as well. It does shrink a tiny bit when washed so I would size up.

Ironwoman, American Dreamer
Honolulu, HI
submitted 4 years ago

America is red, white, and blue, not pink, ivory, and baby boy. I LOVE how bold this shirt is and the quality of the print as well as the fabric. I'm not a fan of the neck cut, but at least it doesn't choke me like the rest of the typical t-shirts out there. I bought a large as this fits like a junior's, so it's perfect around my waist, and loose enough not to feel constricted. I've only worn this once so I've yet to see how it holds up to multiple washes. (always turn inside-out, if someone needed that tip) This Cap is strong and handsome. This is definitely my "boyfriend" shirt as he fits snuggly down my sternum. Cuddles!!! A great shirt for any female warrior, pro-military, pro-America, pro-freedom-fighting-awesome-superhero EVER.

submitted 5 years ago

size slighlty larger than expected but good quality