Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt
Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt - Close Up
Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt - Back View
Fan Adam Teper with none other than Stan Lee!
Size Chart
Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-ShirtCaptain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt - Close UpCaptain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt - Back ViewFan Adam Teper with none other than Stan Lee!Size Chart

Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt

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They may have rejected you for the military, they may have run out of Super Solider serum, or the Red Skull may have intercepted your application but it doesn't look like you'll be going shoulder to shoulder with Captain America anytime soon. Cursed Red Skull! At least on the bright side you don't need any sort of fancy paper work for the 60% cotton 40% polyester soft Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt! This Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt features the stripes all around the front and back of the shirt, with a 'sewn on' star on the chest! It's like Captain America's first costume...except this one is a bit nicer...and refined!

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  • Sku: tscapstrsstripes
  • Color: Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Front/back print, Premium, Symbol, Costume

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Reviews of Captain America Stars & Stripes Cut & Sew T-Shirt

submitted 10 months ago

Great product, perfect for my WW2 Cap Cosplay! Very fast delivery across the pond to the UK.

Tony, captain America fan
Sweetwater, tn
submitted 11 months ago

Very good quality

Larry B
Houston, TX
submitted 1 year ago

Very good quality. Solid material, and not just a silk screen pattern!

Chalatenango El Salvador
submitted 4 years ago

Todo perfecto, la camisa tiene buenos acabados y el bordado es magnifico, me gusta mucho, los colores son vivos y fuertes, me impresiono mucho el estilo muy original hasta con viñetas de marvel, totalmente satisfecho y recomendado

Louisville, KY
submitted 4 years ago

An excellent high quality item. I love it!! Thanks

Okinawa, Japan
submitted 4 years ago

Great fit, unique style, half the price I saw in a Japanese mall.

Keira, fan from afar
submitted 4 years ago

I hate to give two stars to any product sold on this site but the sizing is bizarre. I wear a size small, and bought the Hammer Time Thor t-shirt at the same time, which fits like a dream, this cap shirt however, despite being the same size, is massive, no fit to it, it's just big. Sadly it gets two stars because all the quality is wonderful, it just ain't any good if I can't wear it.

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear it didn't fit, our shirts do vary from style to style so we always recommend looking at our sizing chart before picking a size. Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

submitted 4 years ago

Very good!

Moe, Local Sacramento Icon!
Sacramento, Ca.
submitted 4 years ago

This shirt is the closest thing I've seen that emulates Cap's costume! The quality is first rate and it came in the mail very quickly! I would like to see a version that has the star on the back as well...but hey for the money this shirt is aces! Now if someone would make an authentic Falcon shirt...

Houston, TX
submitted 4 years ago

This is a beautiful & colorful Captain America shirt. The quality & fit are great. The real test will be when it is cleaned to see if the colors run.

submitted 5 years ago

Nice shirt.

Jake The Wine Jerk
Cleveland, Ohio
submitted 5 years ago

Great! Should have a star on the back as well.

Steve Gonzales
Grand Terrace, CA
submitted 5 years ago

I purchased this shirt for the 4th of July and received it just in time and the entire day i got nothing but positive compliments. It's a nice shirt much nicer than the picture. I recommend this shirt to not only Captain fans but True Americans.

submitted 5 years ago

Nice clothing material, design is special. I will buy from this website again. Hope more and more new creative amazing design will come in the future.

Atlanta, GA
submitted 5 years ago

Any chance this or another like it will be available in a 3xlt anytime soon?

Scottsdale, AZ
submitted 5 years ago

Great shirt, true to size.

Caserma Ederle, Vicenza Italy
submitted 5 years ago

I got so many compliments for this shirt! Great quality, I was surprised to see that the star and stripes were sewn in and not an iron-on. That was awesome!

Cremona, Italia
submitted 5 years ago


St. Paul, MN
submitted 5 years ago

I ordered two. One was very awesome, the other had the stripes start way to low, almost off the freaking shirt.

Superherostuff.com response:

That's pretty odd, you must have gotten a bad one. Please feel free to contact our customer service department and we will take care of this for you.

Florida City
submitted 6 years ago

Just received it and I'm impressed! This shirt feels very well made. I will update my review if this changes. Fine stitching, excellent fit and looks great!

Captain America's Mom
submitted 6 years ago

My son was very impressed with the quality and fit of this shirt. He wore it as part of a Captain America Halloween costume, but also wears it as casual wear.

Unfunny Avengerr
West Chester, PA
submitted 6 years ago

The stitching around the star made it feel and look like the one from the film.

Kojo Prince
Englewood, NJ
submitted 6 years ago

I love this shirt! It's made with care and quality and fits me as if it was custom made. In fact I intend to buy another one just like it so I have a spare! Great work, thank you!

Greensboro, NC
submitted 6 years ago

I have been looking for this shirt for a long, long time!! I am so glad that you guys carried it. It is by far my favorite shit! :)

Old Hickory, TN
submitted 6 years ago

My friend and I both wore these to run in the Warrior Dash. Lots of people had Captain America shirts, but none looked as cool as ours did. We did get a little tickled when some people didn't know what it was, and thought we were from Texas. The shirts are not screen printed, but are sewn together and are actually really comfortable. Glad I got one.

submitted 6 years ago

The quality of the shirt turned out a lot nicer then expect and the fit was good; ordered a XL to compensate for my chest since there is not a female version. Can't wait to run around during Halloween :)

Leon Lamont
St. Louis, MO
submitted 6 years ago

Great build and classic design. Shirt is amalgamation of three different shirts stitched together instead of a print on a shirt. Love it! Be warned though, you can't wear this shirt in New York City without people screaming "Puerto Rico!" at you from their cars because they think you are wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt. Poor Stan Lee. His work will be forgotten in just one generation of non-comic readers.

submitted 6 years ago

great quality

submitted 6 years ago

It looks great and the quality is outstanding, but this shirt is form fitting. As in, it will hug every curve you have.

Steve Rogers
submitted 6 years ago

This shirt is awesome. There is no stenciling. The star is stitched on separately and the stripes are a separately stitched on portion that goes all the way around the torso. This shirt is practically a super hero costume!