Catwoman DC Originals Car Decal

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When you put the 5 inch tall by 1.75 inch wide Catwoman DC Originals Car Decal on your car, she'll say something about her mother warned her about getting into cars with strange people. Then you can say in your best gruff voice, 'THIS ISN'T A CAR'. You knew that's where I was going with that. The Catwoman DC Originals Car Decal shows off the morally hazy hero/ villain looking sassy and ready to pull off a heist and/or save Batman!

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Ruby Merchant

Everybody loves staring up the back of my car,I account it normal coz such Kitty cannot be missed from afar but once Selina has kept an eye on something sparkling nobody sees it back and that is exactly what happens when people get close to my car,Selina is a real goer and gets everybody´s attention and when they least expect it,boom,Selina on the run and vanished with the whole booty.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.