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imageJason Todd, aka Robin #2, was kind of a jerk. And, as a person existing in a perpetual state of ‘jerk-ness,’ it was only natural that fans voted – via 1-800 number – for the character’s brutal demise at the hands of Joker during the classic Batman tale, “A Death in the Family.” Yep, readers of the four-issue mini-series deliberately expressed their disdain for the arrogant, hot-headed Robin who constantly rushed headlong into dangerous situations regardless of those imperiled by his fist-filled decision making. However, the fate of Robin Part II was surprisingly impermanent.

An enraged Superboy Prime –a dimensional castaway who survived the catastrophic deletion of the Multiverse – punched the hell out of the walls separating his pocket of existence from the DC Universe we all know and love. These powerful blows sent reality-altering shockwaves throughout the DC universe, resulting in Jason Todd’s resurrection. Jason Todd, returned to the living with the memory of his demise intact, took the original moniker of the Clown Prince of Crime – The Red Hood -- and set out to punish Batman for failing to enact proper vengeance against Jason’s cackling killer.

Lookin' good in Red

Red Hood T-Shirt
Purposely mimicking the Batman symbol, Jason came up with his very own Red Hood symbol to slather on all manner of Red Hood-themed clothing, equipment, mailbags, etc. This stunning symbol is made boldly discernible on our Red Hood Symbol Jason Todd T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this very black t-shirt sports the very red, stiff-winged symbol of The Red Hood; a symbol implying a twisted allegiance to Batman, the person who failed to honor Jason by allowing his killer continued breath and constantly interrupted jail sentences. Get Yours Now »

Red Hood-ie

Red Hood Hoodie
In keeping with the hood theme, Jason dons the Red Hood Symbol Jason Todd Pullover Hoodie. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this black hoodie also features the bold, stiff, blood-red Bat Symbol with its heavily implied Bat-person chiding. With comfortable, spacious pockets and a secure draw-string tie, this particular hoodie was adorned by Jason in the 30 days before his costume – complete with red, metal helmet -- was finalized. Well, that and the 500 feet of bandages, and perhaps the dangling eye-patch. You know you want it »

Get Some

Action T-Shirt
Our Red Hood Jason Todd Action Shot Men's T-Shirt features an image of The Red Hood in action, a blazing graphic heightened by a rich, black t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt depicts Jason Todd in full Red Hood regalia, lowering himself into a situation with missile-guns-a-blazin.’ Right, which is very much NOT the method taught and employed by Batman, Jason’s former mentor. I mean, Jason is shooting people. By the time he completes his decent, most of Joker’s henchman will be missing 78% of their green-colored craniums. Batman would not approve, and Jason is very much okay with that. Grab Yours »


Hush New Era Hats
In an effort to extend his branding and make his growing criminal vanguard appear more official, Jason developed a series of high quality New Era Red Hood Symbol Hats. And yes, Jason realized that newly minted henchman came with unique fashion preferences, so he developed the fitted 39Thirty Hat, the adjustable 9Twenty Hat, the flat-billed, fitted 59Fifty Hat, and the flat-billed 9Fifty Snapback Hat. Each hat features a raised and embroidered Red Hood symbol on the hat’s black façade, and sports a smaller embroidered symbol on the cap’s back. Several henchmen from competing crime families left their current stations and joined The Red Hood SPECIFICALLY because of the hat.

Keepin' Cozy

Crew Socks
Made from 68% acrylic, 30% polyester and 2% spandex, these Red Hood Symbol Crew Socks sport the thick Red Hood Symbol resting below two sporty stripes! With two more stripes encircling the toes, these Red Hood crew socks are perfectly branded and subtly displayed hench-ware for members of Gotham’s criminal underground allying themselves with this new, violent vigilante. It seems this “Red Hood” character is putting his stolen resources to good use: the complete dismantling of psychotic, colorful criminals who have been sucking on the teats of Gotham’s criminal enterprises for far too long. Shop Now

Keepin' Time

Jason Todd Watch
Jason uses the aptly-named Red Hood Symbol Jason Todd Watch with Metal Band to better sync his citywide, Batman-defiling operations. Jason has a lot of support now, so he’s running quite a few time-sensitive operations simultaneously. A fashionable, branded watch is the best way to keep track of every single running mission to annex Mafia-held territories. With an adjustable, metal band, this battery-powered watch features quartz movement, two black hands, and a blank face to properly display The Hood’s new, seemingly ubiquitous symbol. Shop Now

Sleeveless Vengance

Tank Top
Jason adorns the Red Hood Symbol Jason Todd Tank Top when the going gets tough, and the temperature goes up. Yes, the word “sweltering” is often used to describe Gotham in the summer time. And when one is constantly trying to destabilize the established criminal cabals currently leaching off said city, one can work up quite a sweat. Especially when there’s napalm involved. This black, 100% cotton tank-top features Jason’s bold Red Hood symbol front and center, a reminder that temperatures of 96° or more will NOT dissuade Jason from blowing up shipyards with low-yield nuclear devices. Shop Now

Imitation is Flattery

Costume T-Shirt
You’re enamored with this new, especially brutal vigilante running around Gotham City. He calls himself The Red Hood, which is familiar to those who remember the old Red Hood Gang running around and holding up…flower shops and diners, or whatever. Anyway, you’re enamored by this very angry fellow who takes out criminals and utterly befuddles the Batman. How enamored? You’re dressing up like the Red Hood with the Red Hood Sublimated Costume T-Shirt. Made from 100% polyester, this sublimated t-shirt features a front and back print reproducing The Hood’s unique costume, zipper and all. Shop Now

Vengeance is Costly

Bi-Fold Wallet
The Red Hood Symbols All Over Print Bi-Fold Wallet is where Jason keeps his blood-painted driver’s license, which features a rare, surprisingly pleasant image of Jason months before his crowbar-induced death at the hands of The Joker. Crafted from a blend of polyester and polyurethane, this black, bi-fold wallet presents a large Red Hood Symbol front and center, backed by a flock of recurring, smaller symbols. Opening the wallet reveals a slew of stitched pockets for a slew of pocket-sized things, complete with a see-through ID slot. Jason doesn’t usually carry bills, as his preferred currency is dismemberment. Shop Now


Cuff Beanie
Another perfect bit of branding benefiting of The Hood’s ever-burgeoning army, the Red Hood Symbol Cuff Beanie features the recognizable Red Hood symbol embroidered on the hat’s thick, rolling cuff. Made from 100% acrylic, this Red Hood beanie is, just like the New Era series of hats, a fashionable article of clothing responsible for recruiting at least 50 henchman from Mr. Freeze’s dwindling criminal franchise. I mean, the poor guys nearly froze to death while under the ferociously freezing criminal’s employ. Receiving a warm, soft beanie from the Red Hood is a freaking blessing! Shop Now

Lounging Around

Sleep Pants
The Red Hood Symbol Sleep Pants are adorned by Jason as he struggles and fails to sleep through the night. Yes, these black, 30% cotton, 40% polyester sleep pants sure are soft and might lure one into restful, unimpeded sleep, but not Jason. Oh, no. Not Jason. Every time he tries to sleep, he’s plagued by flashes of The Joker tenderizing his skull, with splashes of blood, flesh and hair painting the tent’s off-white interior. The seemingly unstoppable Red Hood is kept awake by further flashes of a coffin’s off-white interior, and then the panic-filled digging, and the violent emergence from his very own grave. Have I mentioned these sleep pants have drawstring ties? Shop Now