Constantine Pose on Charcoal T-Shirt

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Ruby Merchant

A superb tee for a great anti-hero of all times and when I say anti-hero I really mean it.Either one side or the other John will know how to baffle you at every turn and get you on the nerves from head to toe,good reader.Perhaps he´s no muscle boy but he has brains and knows how to pull off of every situation he´s in by setting ablaze the whole stage or going down a similar road shouldering everybody aside whilst playing dirty tricks on ´ em at the same time.That´s where his strength comes. The definitive anti-hero´s tee at your extent.A word to wise:Try not to get in john´s way or you´ll get mauled and scared for life. EXCELLENT TEE WITH NO REMORSE ADDED UP.(Chuckle)

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.