SuperHero Sightings: Win a $50 Gift Card!

You think you’ve got what it takes to photograph superheroes, huh? SuperHeroStuff is giving away $50 every month to whoever sends us the coolest, cleverest picture/video of someone rocking our merchandise! Here’s how to enter to win:

  • Be Creative

    Props, sets, Photoshopped lasers, funny poses, etc
  • Be Adventurous

    Cool spots, comic cons, Area 51, Asgard, or anywhere neat...
  • Be Nerdy

    Obscure references or whatever floats your geeky boat!
  • Be Famous?!?

    Snap a shot with a celeb at a comic con or street corner or anywhere!
  • Please Don’t

    No nudity, stuff we don’t sell, watermarked images, blurry shots, etc
Why Didn’t I Get Featured?! Our expert staff reviews each and every photo. If your photo/video doesn’t appear on our site it may be because you broke one of the rules from the ‘Please Don’t’ section (above) or our team just didn’t feel it was appropriate for our website.

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