Corrector Yui, DVD Vol. 3

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REGION 1 ONLY EPISODE 11 HEART THUMPING DOUBLE DATE, PART ONE When Yui's dad asks her and some friends to test his company's latest VR, Marine Adventure Land, Yui is thrilled. But not all of Yui's friends are free, so double-dates (Yui and Shun, Haruna and Takashi) are arranged. The new game uses recordings of real whale songs to make people serene and happy...something Grosser's not about to let happen!EPISODE 12 HEART THUMPING DOUBLE DATE, PART TWO Yui and Harunass double-date is ruined when Grosser's Corruptors come to Marine Adventure Land. All seems lost...but then Yui meets two new components of Professor Inukai's software. Can Corrector Yui with the help of Peace, and Follow manage to protect Marine Adventure Land from an attack by Grosser himself?!EPISODE 13 SECRETS OF THE EIGHT SOFTWARE It's an exciting, guided tour inside the world of CORRECTOR YUI...lead by Yui herself! Look back on how Yui and IR first met, and at their adventures to date. Features a closer look at Corrector Yui's various Element Suits and also at the abilities of the Corrector Software's programs, and their fight against the evil supercomputer Grosser and his henchmen!EPISODE 14 SHOWDOWN AT WESTERN NET There's trouble at Western Net! The Corruptors have taken over Western Town...but, this time, somethings different. The usually selfish, self-serving Corruptors are working as one! Can Yui convince Control, leader of the Correctors, to work with her and the other Correctors to fight off the combined power of Grosser's minions?Rating: T for TEENVolume 3Video/DVD Special FeaturesRun time (minutes): 100 min

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