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Unlock your inner Man Without Fear with the super cool DareDevil HeroBox! What exactly does that mean? It means you'll be utilizing your heightened sense of style to solve crime during the day, beat crime during the night, and pretty much impress everybody with your unique skill set. At least that's what I think will happen when you get the DareDevil HeroBox...might as well get it and find out, right? Scott Glenn would certainly approve...just don't get him ice cream. He hates when people do that!

Matt Murdock, who would become Marvel's Daredevil, was created in April 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett with some slight dashes of Jack Kirby. Raised by a single father, Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive waste while saving a pedestrian as a child. This rendered him blind but gave him the ability to use his other senses to super human levels. Unfortunately, Matt Murdock's father was a boxer and refused to throw a fight which resulted in his assassination. This didn't set well with Matt Murdock so he put on a costume and BAM! We had ourselves the Devil of Hell's Kitchen!

So what kind of fantastic powers does Daredevil have? Well, first off he is in peak human conditioning. You know how you sometimes get winded running up a bunch of stairs? Well, Matt Murdock can probably cartwheel up them and not even break a sweat. Due to his blinding, the rest of his sense have been pushed to an insane level. He can perceive the environment on a level that would be completely foreign to us...that is unless you can dodge bullets and hear people's heartbeats! He also happens to have a radar sense and has been trained by the legendary Scott Glenn...err, I mean Stick. Actually, Stick and Scott Glenn might be the same person but we'll need to find some scientists to confirm.

Do you consider yourself a fan of the character currently played by Charlie Cox on Netflix? Do you also yearn to flip about your house and learn from the legendary Scott Glenn? Then you might want to pick up our patented DareDevil HeroBox! This great mystery gift box has a laser focus on none other than Daredevil! Who needs those vague boxes when you get something that focuses on your favorite character. What might you get in a DareDevil HeroBox? Well, you'll get at least a shirt but from there you can get all sorts of goodies! You might get a POP Fun Funko figure, keychains, lanyards, buttons, magnets, ice cube trays, socks, beanies, rings, crazy fighting sticks, or a free get-out-of-jail card courtesy of Murdock and Nelson! Just know that you'll be getting a ton of stuff at a heavily discounted price. Roll the dice and see what you get!

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