Daredevil vs. Ninjas T-Shirt
Daredevil vs. Ninjas T-Shirt - Close Up
Daredevil vs. Ninjas T-ShirtDaredevil vs. Ninjas T-Shirt - Close Up

Daredevil vs. Ninjas 30 Single T-Shirt

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Matt Murdock understands the Law of Diminishing Ninja judging by this 100% cotton Daredevil vs. Ninjas 30 Single T-Shirt. Oh, not familiar with the Law of Diminishing Ninja? It states that one ninja is impossible to defeat, but the more ninjas in an area then the less effective they are. So it is no wonder that Marvel's Daredevil is making a mockery of those poor ninjas! The super reflexes and senses probably him ol Matt Murdock out a bit though too! Do you also appreciate Daredevil running through a legion of Ninjas? Then this Daredevil vs. Ninjas 30 Single T-Shirt might be for you! It comes from Mighty Fine, meaning that this t-shirt is softer and higher quality than normal t-shirts!

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  • Sku: tsddninjas
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: 30Single, Image

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Reviews of Daredevil vs. Ninjas 30 Single T-Shirt

Columbus, OH
submitted 5 years ago

What is not to love about this bold graphic depicting our favorite blind superhero? I'm gonna order another one....

submitted 5 years ago

yeah, kinda dig this one.

submitted 5 years ago

Very cool shirt for Marvel's underdog hero. His costume design is classic, but not something for daily wear. This one captures some typical comic from the action, and many ninjas. Throwing stars and billyclub bust out of the frame.