DC Hero Heads Fabric Flag

DC Hero Heads Fabric Flag

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Measuring 30" across and 39" high, this brown, sheer fabric flag features the heads of all your favorite DC Comic Book Heroes!   Oh, and ya' know what, they're all members of the Justice League!  Well, everyone except for Supergirl.  She's a pretender!  A wannabe!  Oh, and Robin.  Although he was a Superfriend, so maybe that makes it ok.  Anyway, this flag filled with DC Hero heads is perfect for fans of the Justice League, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Cabbage head and the Blonde Screamer.  Oh yeah, I know my DC.

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Reviews of DC Hero Heads Fabric Flag

Weybridge, UK
submitted 6 years ago

Overall fantastic- it's good material, reflects the image you see here, and served its purpose- everyone loved to see it at a 'superhero event'. I couldn't source this in the UK so I was VERY pleased this was shipped along with quite a few other items. ;) Two thumbs up!