Samurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt
Samurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt- Close Up
Samurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt
Samurai (Super Friends) T-ShirtSamurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt- Close UpSamurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt
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Like the code of Bushido could possibly get any cooler! Samurai, hailing from Superfriends, is a master of the wind and a deadly martial artist. Essentially replacing the Red Tornado, the Samurai utters traditional Japanese phrases and opens of a can of whoop-ass. Pretty impressive for a guy who started off as a history professor, eh? The New Gods of New Genesis had some fun blasting poor Toshio Eto with some supercharging hero beams - gotta get the world ready for Darkseid!

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  • Sku: tssamuraisupfrnds
  • Color: Grey-Dark
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Retro, Image

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Reviews of Samurai (Super Friends) T-Shirt

Atlanta, GA
submitted 6 years ago

Not only did this t-shirt highlight my favorite, albeit, obsure, Super Friend, it is also made of very high quality materials. The logo/image is also very high in quality and I can tell it won't fade for a long time. (To preserve the life of the shirt, I turn it inside out and hand wash in cold water.) Here's hoping we see more t-shirts of uber-obscure cartoon characters like Johnny Quest, Thundarr, and the Herculoids.