Deadpool Symbol Repeat Web Belt


Deadpool Symbol Repeat Web Belt


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It's the Deadpool Symbol Repeat Web Belt.

Web belt. Web belt. Web belt. Web be....What am I doing? I'm repeating the words "web belt." Why? Because the heading told me to!

Anyway, yes, it's a Deadpool web belt featuring repeating, imposing, winking, sneezing and snorting Deadpool symbols. EEEEEeeeeeyep.

And, being a web belt, this Deadpool belt is an adjustable, one-size-fits-most, pants-securing implement.

Solid metal buckle! Yes, it's a solid-metal buckle featuring an enamel insert layered with -- yes, you guessed it -- another Deadpool symbol.

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  • Deadpool
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  • Clothing & Apparel,
  • Belts
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