Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper

Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper

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Some of you can't get enough of Marvel's well received Merc with a Mouth. You probably have a picture of him on your bathroom mirror, and you talk to him in the morning after getting out of the shower. Don't you just wish you could take him with you all over the place? Well, look no further than the 1 inch tall Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper! It shows off a...more deformed version of Deadpool then you might be used to. Hard to believe, right? Anyways, I'm sure the Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper would look mighty fine on one of your writing instruments...he might even whisper answers to your paper work.

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  • Sku: erastopdpool
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Deadpool Deformed Pencil Eraser Topper

Port St Lucie, Fl
submitted 2 years ago

It'd totally adorable

submitted 3 years ago

must have been an advertising snafu .doesn't fit any pencil eraser I've ever seen but I'm going to keep it anyway because it makes a better car antenna topper! hell?...who uses pencils anymore anyway?

submitted 4 years ago

Now I can look at Deadpool while taking notes at uni. And so can the people sitting next to me.

Nikki Supermom
Las Vegas NV
submitted 5 years ago

This is a cute but still very cool item to have and have seen in class. My son is 11 so it's important 2 look cool.

Las Vegas, NV
submitted 5 years ago

He literally sits on my desk. Everyone asks about him. Too cut to actually erase anything with.

Dalton Champion
pearland TX
submitted 6 years ago

i love deadpool and i cand wait for the new game! the eraser feels more like a rubber material and the hole is not near as big as it should be to fit on the top of a pencil...but it looks to cool to actually use it anyways so no complaints here i just keep it in my pocket and play with it when i get bored nice job guys!