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Everybody loves Deadpool and it is easy to understand why. He's a self-aware comic book character that spends most of his time driving all of the other comic book characters crazy! I think we all secretly yearn to behave like that...I know that's why I act so erratically around co-workers! Nobody really notices though because this is SuperheroStuff and that can go without anybody even batting an eye. Where were we? Oh yes...We're talking about Marvel's insane Merc with a Mouth Deadpool!

Deadpool was originally created way back in 1991...which I think is when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and Ancient Aliens taught mankind how to make snap bracelets and POGs. Forged by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool made his appearance as a mercenary hired to fight the division of the X-Men. Originally just a Merc, the character quickly gained popularity among fans and his personality became more and more eccentric and self-aware. Oh, and Deadpool was originally created as a paraody of DC Comics' Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke...which is why they named Deadpool 'Wade Wilson'! Hooray!

So what kind of powers does Deadpool have? He was originally given a flawed healing factor that mirrored Wolverine's. In some stories, Deadpool was diagnosed with cancer and the healing factor kept him alive but also the cancer which acted as a plot device to explain the insanity. This was somewhat elluded to during the Ryan Reynold's movie...but not Wolverine: Origins. We are still trying to forget about that one. At least our therapists are happy about it! Any-who, Deadpool also is a master of all sorts of weaponry and martial arts. His whacky fighting style gives him a unique edge against many opponents and his mind renders him invincible against mental attacks. I don't think anybody really wants to get in there anyways!

I think all of those reasons and many more unspoken ones is what inspired the mighty Deadpool HeroBox. The HeroBox from SuperheroStuff is available in two different tiers of random deals. Sure, you've seen other random-mystery-gift-boxes but have you ever seen one solely dedicated to Marvel's Merc with a Mouth? Exactly! We hand-picked these things for fans by fans. What might you get in a Deadpool HeroBox? You'll get at least a shirt but beyond that it is anybody's guess...and we've even managed to break the 4th wall to look ahead! You might get a pint glass, a POP FUN Funko figure, stickers, buttons, ice cube trays, beanies, hackey sacks, night-lights, chimmichangas, pancakes, katanas, and whatever else we can find dedicated to the Regenerating Degenerate!
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