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HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

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Is this box in celebration of the new Deadpool movie coming out on May 18th? No. That thing is trash. We here are at are die-hards and don't have patience for the blasphemous cinematic retcon that is the "new" Deadpool franchise.

Ryan Reynolds' appearance as Wade Wilson in Wolverine: X-Men Origins fulfilled our wildest Deadpool fantasies. In 2009, we were left anxiously awaiting the exciting Deapdool spin-off featuring a mute, headless Wade Wilson using his laser eyes, Adamantium claws, and teleportation abilities, just like he has in the comics...wink.

Celebrating Deadpool's ability to break the tension, whether with a sword or a fun joke, we present the 
Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition HeroBox®! 

Available in two editions, the "Fan" and the "Collectors", our Wade Wilson HeroBox features a total product value greater than the actual purchase price. Translation: You win, we lose.

Unfortunately, this bursting box of Deadpool mystery merchandise is a LIMITED EDITION box -- this means you need to order now before you're left with a huge, unfixable regret.

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HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition


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