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HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition

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Collector Edition
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Is this box in celebration of the new Deadpool movie coming out on May 18th? No. That thing is trash. We here are at are die-hards and don't have patience for the blasphemous cinematic retcon that is the "new" Deadpool franchise.

Ryan Reynolds' appearance as Wade Wilson in Wolverine: X-Men Origins fulfilled our wildest Deadpool fantasies. In 2009, we were left anxiously awaiting the exciting Deapdool spin-off featuring a mute, headless Wade Wilson using his laser eyes, Adamantium claws, and teleportation abilities, just like he has in the comics...wink.

Celebrating Deadpool's ability to break the tension, whether with a sword or a fun joke, we present the 
Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition HeroBox®! 

Available in two editions, the "Fan" and the "Collectors", our Wade Wilson HeroBox features a total product value greater than the actual purchase price. Translation: You win, we lose.

Unfortunately, this bursting box of Deadpool mystery merchandise is a LIMITED EDITION box -- this means you need to order now before you're left with a huge, unfixable regret.

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HeroBox Deadpool Maximum Effort Edition
Richmond Virginia
submitted 7 months ago

Excellent collectibles, some unavailable as separate purchases.

Michelle O.
St. Louis, MO
submitted 7 months ago

The random selection was awesome! I got the Dorbz Chimichanga Food Truck and it is AWESOME!

Whittier, CA
submitted 8 months ago

I got this as a fathers day gift for my husband and we both absolutely loved it.

DeSean J.
Columbus, Ohio
submitted 9 months ago

Just like Deadpool 1 + 2 this hero box was awesome!!!! All my friends were jealous!

Ontario, Canada
submitted 9 months ago

Everything wonderful about Deadpool in a single box!

Boel, foreign fan
Stockholm, Sweden
submitted 9 months ago

So darn much stuff I didn't need, but really wanted. Full-on Deadpool nerdvana!

st george ut
submitted 9 months ago

absolutely fantastic! got this for an anniversary present for my hubby and he loved it!

San Angelo, Tx
submitted 9 months ago

I liked the box, but the original email was very confusing and I thought I was missing some things.

Sanford, FL
submitted 9 months ago

I will never order a hero box again. The items were nowhere near the items they showed as an example response:

Sorry to hear that Dennis but we appreciate the feedback. The items pictured are just examples of what you might get.

New York
submitted 9 months ago

The idea is cool, but always getting the same items with a different hero slapped on? Blegh response:

Thanks for the feedback Catherine, I will share it with the team.

submitted 9 months ago

Was very disappointed with the items in the box, very sub par. response:

Sorry to hear that Robert, we do our best to make every HeroBox amazing. Your feedback helps us to refine what we are doing and I will share it with the team.

Winter garden, fl
submitted 9 months ago

Friend recommend this too me. Highly disappointed. response:

Sorry to hear that Nichole but we do appreciate the feedback. We would love to get some specific and find out what, in particular, you didn't like.

Tiffany, Deadpool fan
submitted 10 months ago

Got the collector's box which was mostly awesome, but didn't come with the headwear as promised. :(

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada
submitted 10 months ago

Each item more fun than the last, was disappointed to find the bottom of the box. Time for Tacos!

Aurora, co
submitted 10 months ago

So I bought the collector's box I loved everything I got, but it didn't come with headwear.

William Ritchie
Apopka, Florida
submitted 10 months ago

Thoroughly pleased with this product didn't know what to expect and what was inside the box AWESOME.

Gravette ar
submitted 10 months ago

Loved it