Deadpool Mystery Funko Pocket Pop Keychain


Deadpool Mystery Funko Pocket Pop Keychain


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"Life is like a box of Deadpool Mystery Keychains...

You never know which insulting and unseemly Deadpool you're gonna' get."

Who said that? No, not Forrest Gump -- Forrest Deadpool! Forrest Deadpool?

Look, Deadpool takes on the identity and occupational fatigues of various vocations, so there's no reason why a Forrest Gump/Deadpool hybrid can't exist in the extremely tolerable metaculture of 2018!!!

Ahem. Let's get to it already, shall we?

Our Deadpool Mystery Funko Pocket Pop Keychain is a bit of a gamble, but that's how you like it.

You'll certainly receive an actual, super-cute vinyl caricature of Deadpool in keychain form, but you won't know which Deadpool until you open the package and it stabs you in the finger-webs.

Which Deadpool keychain variation might appear after opening the "blind" packaging surrounding this incredibly mysterious mystery figure? Well, I could simply direct you to the picture, but I'll take the time and list them. Because I'm bored:

  • Deadpool with shower cap!
  • Purple and yellow variant Deadpool!
  • Chef Deadpool!
  • Deadpool!
  • Cowboy Deadpool!
  • Leaping Deadpool!
  • Deadpool with banana!
  • Clown Deadpool!
  • X-Force Deadpool!
  • Self-affirming Deadpool!
  • Pirate Deadpool!
  • Another arbitrary Deadpool holding things!

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