Deadpool Merc With A Mouth Lanyard with PVC Charm

$6.99 Reg.$8.99

Deadpool Merc With A Mouth Lanyard with PVC Charm

$6.99 Reg.$8.99

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Let Deadpool carry the load.

Which load? Not the one currently leaking from your adult diapers -- I'm talkng about the overwhelming weight of your incredibly heavy ID packed with an inordinate amount of useless personal information!

So, grab our Deadpool Merc With A Mouth Lanyard with PVC Charm and avail yourself of the two-dimensional brick currently taking up space in your chain wallet and tearing through those especially tight jeans.

Yes, this Deadpool lanyard sure is nifty. And if you're demanding proof of said niftiness, I implore you to scroll down.

(Thanks for scrolling down! Let's take a look at those extremely nifty features, shall we?)

  • A long, adjustable band measuring roughly 19" from top to metal clip.

  • Said band features familiar costume accents, Deadpool logos, and yes, the phrase "Merc with a mouth."

  • A metal, push-button clip for easy clipping!

  • A clear plastic ID sleeve holding a collectible sticker.

  • A soft, rubbery, and dangling Deadpool charm-thing.

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