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Deadpool Pen 2 Pack


Deadpool Pen 2 Pack

Deadpool Pen 2 Pack



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Deadpool can't "rite gud," nor can he "reed buks gud." But, like you (who can actually "write good" and "read books well"), he likes to draw and sketch.

The Deadpool Pen 2-Pack allows one to draw and sketch "gud"...er, "good"....er, well...just like Deadpool!

Each Deadpool pen features unique images of Deadpool in action or Deadpool in pre-action, along with his stylish, meandering logo.

Dispensing black ink, these Deadpool pens also sport 0.7mm points and soft, rubbery grippers for easy-peasy penning!

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Reviews of Deadpool Pen 2 Pack

3.5 (Based on 2 reviews)
hamilton hill, west Aust

they look great, add them to my pool collection

Submitted 2 years ago
Mr. Doctor
Whittier, CA

Pens for me have always been a so-so purchase, mine worked nicely for a brief amount of time

Submitted 1 year ago