Deadpool Projector Pen
Deadpool Projector Pen-Projection Example
Deadpool Projector PenDeadpool Projector Pen-Projection Example

Deadpool Projector Pen

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You need to alert Deadpool NOW of the warlike Walrus-people invading YOUR neighborhood. How to grab his attention? Project his attention-grabbing head with our Deadpool Projector Pen!

This Deadpool projector pen -- slathered with an image of Deadpool relaxing against his equally relaxed symbol -- features two levels of functionality:

#1. A PEN! Dispending black ink, this Deadpool pen features a 1.0mm point!

#2. A PROJECTOR! Fueled by four 1.5V batteries (inlcuded!), the projector function functions by pressing the silver button residing just below Deadpool's logo.

What does it project? Deadpool's prodigious head!

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Deadpool Projector Pen

Waterloo, ON
submitted 1 year ago

The light works great.

hamilton hill
submitted 1 year ago

looks awesome, works great, love it

Las Vegas
submitted 1 year ago

The image of Deadpool rubs off of the pen fairly easily. The projector part works very well.

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear that Isaiah but thanks for the feedback! If you would like a replacement, just contact our customer service department.