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Deadpool Corps Men's T-Shirt


Deadpool Corps Men's T-Shirt


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The true story of infinite Deadpools.

Deadpool was chosen by "The Contemplator" to stop a horrifying consciousness known as "The Awareness."

Apparently, "The Awareness" was devouring the Multiverse's consciousness. Eeeeeyup.

So, Deadpool recruited a handful of Deadpools from alternate universes to combat the Multiverse-ending threat. The name "Deadpool Corps" was bandied about. Hilarity was assured.

Our Deadpool Corps Men's T-Shirt features a contingent of Deadpool Corps members striking their universe-specific Deadpool stances.

Our soft Deadpool t-shirt for men features the following alternate Deadpools Deadpool-ing about:

  • Deadpool (like, our Deadpool).
  • Lady Deadpool!
  • Headpool!
  • Dogpool!
  • Kidpool!

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