Deadpool Weapon X Basketball Jersey

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Deadpool's scarred, scorched cranium kind of resembles a cooked, flaking basketball covered in spoiled strawberry jam.

I mean...right? Is that the connection between Deadpool and our Deadpool Weapon X Basketball Jersey? A horrifying Deadpool aesthetic comparable to a mercilessly beaten basketball?? Look, let's accept there's no logical narrative and move on, shall we?

Made from 100% polyester, this Deadpool basketball jersey is rendered in a light, athletic, and airy red mesh, featuring a sizable, felt-like applique of the round and less repugnant Deadpool symbol.

The Sides!

Each side features a black elastic stripe running the length of the tank, bordered in white trim.

And the Back?

The back of this fine Deadpool tank-thing features thick, black print denoting Deadpool's involvement in the shady mutant-weaponizing organization, Weapon X. Beneath the PTSD-inducing "Weapon X" text, the year of Deadpool's comic book debut in *New Mutants #98.

*I totally had that issue -- in MINT CONDITION -- and sold it for like, $6.00. Yep, I'm an idiot.

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Anthony King
North Sioux City SD

Cheap flimsy material and chest decal is not centered evenly response:

Sorry to hear you weren't happy with it Anthony but we do appreciate the feedback. Contact our customer service department and we will happily work with you on returning it. The misaligned logo is likely a printing mistake and unique to the one you got. We do review each item we sell but sometimes a bad print slips through without us noticing. Sorry about that!