Deadpool Wristband Set

Deadpool Wristband Set

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Have a different rubber Deadpool wristband for every day of the week with the Deadpool Wristband Set!  Nevermind that there are 4 wristbands in this pack and 7 days in the week, details, details, you need to chill out a bit.  Either way, there are more Deadpool wristbands here than you can shake a katana at.  Complete with popular Deadpool catchphrases such as "my common sense is tingling" and "welcome to loserville, population: you" you'll be able to tell those fellas that sass you to talk to the wristband. Thumbs up!

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  • Sku: brcltdpset
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Deadpool Wristband Set

Cory, SuperHeroStuff.com, fan
Grafton, Wisconsin
submitted 3 years ago

These R so Cool. In fact I've got ALL of them on me right now!!! I know that this WON'T be the LAST TIME that I buy from this site. That's how much I love the products. By the way; "My common Sense is Tingling", it says "Welcome to Loserville"<---What it says on the wristbands

Cory, SuperHeroStuff.com fan
Example: Grafton, Wisconsin
submitted 3 years ago

Had my doubts @ 1st, but now, I LUV MY 1st PURCHASE from this site =) So much so, that I'm going 2 put DeadPool into MY MT. Rushmore of SuperHeroes/Heroines, which is...DeadPool (obviously), Batman, Punisher & Green Lantern. Yes people, I DON'T have SUPER MAN in MY top 4. But enough about that. DeadPool is the MATTER @ HAND. Such a cool character, that uses NOT only GUNS but SWORDS as well? Who else does that? NO superhero that I know of!!! But now that I've got these wristbands, I'll be carrying DEADPOOL around with me WHEREVER I GO =)

Cory, SuperHeroStuff.com
Grafton, WI
submitted 3 years ago

Really cool =). In fact, I've got ALL FOUR of them on ME right now as I'm typing this review. Really cool. Love the slogans, though MY PERSONAL favorite is the 1 that says: "Welcome to Loserville" lol =) Don't really have a MT. Rushmore of Superheroes but I would definitely put Deadpool on with the other 3. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend =)