Dr. Strange Costume Crew Socks with Cape



Dr. Strange Costume Crew Socks with Cape


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Introducing the load-bearing Socks of Levitation!

Blessed by the Ancient One herself, our Dr. Strange Costume Crew Socks with Cape -- aka, the "Socks Supreme" -- cleverly convey the medically inclined magic user's comic book costume.

Yes, these fine Doctor Strange socks really nail the 'Sorcerer Supreme's' preferred wizard-wear with illustrated accents, yellow highlights, and illustrated, extraordinarily accurate Eyes of Agomatto.

This is all well and good, but you're here for something else -- something red, flowing, and perhaps a  little...impulsive.

Why are you here? You're here for the cape! Actually, you're here for TWO capes, considering each Doctor Strange shin-sleeve features a completely functional (sorry, "fictional") Cloak of Levitation!

Yes, now YOU can levitate above the Earth's atmosphere and trap an encroaching elder god in an infuriating, inescapable time loop.

Okay, you CAN'T, but the socks enable some seriously immersive daydreaming.

*Sock size: 9-11
*Shoe size: 5-10

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