Dr. Strange Forces Men's T-Shirt


Dr. Strange Forces Men's T-Shirt


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Made from 100% cotton, our dark gray, Dr. Strange Forces Men's T-Shirt features a stunning, 'retro-riffic' image of the good and comely Doctor as he generates archaic (and probably unsafe) magics in order to protect our dimension, and, more importantly, "convince" you and I to purchase more Dr. Strange merchandise. Take a look. Take a long, hard look. Is it working?

Yes, this lovingly retro Dr. Strange t-shirt is free of any malignant enchantments or centuries-old curses passed down by Chthonic deities who planted themselves in the space between universes before time was born.

So, is this particular Dr. Strange t-shirt safe enough for mere, magic-dismissing men and women? Absolutely, just don't look at it for longer than 15-seconds. Any longer, and you'll start to experience a series of lengthy blackouts accompanied by the arrival of several hundred packages filled to the brim with Dr. Strange merchandise.

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