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Doctor Who Tardis Spelled-Out Web Belt

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Remember that time your pants fell down because you hadn't yet purchased the Doctor Who Tardis Spelled-Out Web Belt? Don't worry, no one else does. They probably have their own pants-falling episodes to worry about. 'Cause it's all relative, right? Well, now that you're about to acquire a new Doctor Who web belt to prevent future incidents, you've chosen wisely and landed on the Doctor Who Tardis Spelled-Out Web Belt, which comes in both adult and youth sizes (48 and 30 inches long, respectively). Due to the belts' military-style closure, they are one-size-fits-most either way. And it helpfully explains the acronym (or is it backronym?) TARDIS!

More Details:

  • - Color: Blue-Navy
  • - Licensor: Dr. Who
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