Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings
Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings - Front View
Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings - Back View
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Doctor Who TARDIS Womens LeggingsDoctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings - Front ViewDoctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings - Back ViewSize Chart

Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings

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You know the Doctor has been known to refer to the TARDIS as 'Sexy' and even the TARDIS approves of this moniker, much to the awkwardness of the Doctor! What, you never seen 'The Doctor's Wife'? Oh, it's a good'un! That being said, the 95% polyester 5% spandex Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings are form fitting and thoroughly inspired by the police call box - turned - time machine, the TARDIS! You won't be the girl who waited with these I figure.

" Please Note Leggings Are Thin And Should Be Worn Like Stockings Not Pants"

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  • Sku: legdwtrds
  • Color: Blue-Navy
  • Licensor: Dr. Who

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Reviews of Doctor Who TARDIS Womens Leggings

Saskatchewan, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

The print on these is really cool... but beware! They are also extremely see-through. I'm not a big girl -- a pretty solid medium (and I ordered a size up just in case, because leggings) -- so they're not even super tight on me. But daaaamn. Not only can you see my thigh tattoo pretty clearly, my undies are completely visible. And we're not just talking visible panty line, people -- no, no. We're talking a clear view of colour of the undies AND the trim. DUDE. Even my husband (who is quite partial to my bottom) was all, "Uhhhmmm... you can totally see.... everything." Look, I'm not a huge leggings-as-pants kinda gal, but there's no way you could get away with this without either covering 'em with a dress, skirt or long sweater or shirt, or wearing another pair of leggings underneath... which seems to defeat the purpose. I am in two minds whether to send them back and get a refund (all the sad faces) or keep them and make do. I will make that decision tomorrow when the disappointment isn't quite so bitter.

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear you were disappointed in these, I will pass your comments on to the team. We do recommend with some of our other leggings that they be worn with a skirt or something similar but it doesn't look like we did with this one. Please feel free to send them back if you aren't happy with them.