Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf
Doctor Who Fourth Doctor ScarfDoctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf

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I bet when you watched the 4th version of Dr. Who, you wanted to emulate his iconic style and you wanted to be that scarf. Well, we haven't quite figured out how to transfer human thoughts to the Dr. Who scarf, but we do have this fine 100% acrylic Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf! Measuring 78 inches, this soft multi-colored scarf is in the exact same style as the previously mentioned Time Lord and will aid you in all sorts of chronological adventures. Break out that wide brim hat and get to the TARDIS with the Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf!

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  • Sku: scarfdrwho4thdoc
  • Color: Blue-Navy
  • Licensor: Dr. Who

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Reviews of Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Scarf

submitted 5 years ago

At 6', this isn't going to pass as a costume piece for anyone ever the age of 10, but it does pass as a legitimate winter scarf. Those 'in the know' give approving nods, while others compliment the fall colors. The amount of people in the US who catch the reference is a lot smaller than you would think. So in other words, it does a good job of broadcasting my obsessions almost exclusively to people who share them. That's a wonderful thing. It's like wearing a club ring or something. One nitpick: When I opened mine, there was a loose thread near one of the ends. I've wore the scarf several times without incident, so there seems to be no threat of a bigger tear. It was a little discouraging seeing that right out of the box though. Thus the four stars. Maybe you'll have better luck.

submitted 6 years ago

Great scarf! It is longer than other scarves but not as mega long as the 4th Doctor's. The colors are great and several non-geeks have complimented it. It's a bit thin, but you have enough to wrap around your neck twice. I would not try to trip a robot with it.