Family Guy Peter Superman T-Shirt

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If Peter Griffin was Superman, we would all be in a tremendous amount of danger. Side-splitting funny danger, but danger never-the-less! Look at how much damage he can do with a simple story retelling! He tells a story and then BAM it happens. Ignoring all of his other shenanigans would still be a far cry for imbuing him with Super-powers. Oh well. I'm thinking practically when I should be going the other way with it! This 100% cotton shirt featuring Peter Griffin as Superman is great for genre-straddling fans; is it a Superman it a Family Guy shirt? Get it and you can decide!

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Vista, CA

The Family Guy parody shirts are the best! This one and the other blue shirt of Peter undressing in a phone booth to reveal himself as Superman are worth buying on laughs alone. I got laughs at work for wearing this shirt, and so will you too (at work, home, school, or just in public). I don't always wear black shirts, but when I do, you can bet I'll wear this one!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.