Fantastic Four Kirby Heads Button
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Fantastic Four Kirby Heads Button

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Measuring 1.5" across in diameter, this white button features the craniums of Marvel Comics' first Superhero family, the science-fiction frolicking Fantastic Four!  There's the Thing!  There's the Human Torch!  There's Mr Fantastic!  And there's the Invisible Woman!  The Fantastic Four were there for you when your toilet exploded and the hamster people from parallel Earth 15-G came pouring out of a dimensional rift.  The least you can do is buy one measly FF button for their time. 

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  • Sku: buttonffkirbheads
  • Color: White
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Fantastic Four Kirby Heads Button

Burbank, CA
submitted 6 years ago

I would have given it a "love it" but the Thing head does not look like Kirby, and if it is it's from the '70's and heavily retouched by Joe Sinnott - there were SO many classic Kirby Thing heads from the '60's that could have been used...too bad!