FF Women's Mr Fantastic T-Shirt

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Fitted vs. Standard:

  • Fitted sizes are cut more narrowly through the bust and are more form-fitting.
  • Standard sizes are cut wider through the bust than are Fitted sizes and have a looser, straighter fit.

Made from 100% Cotton, this white, slim-fit women's t-shirt features the specific Future Foundation symbol adorned by one Mister Fantastic, progenitor of the fabled Fantastic Four and current leader of the....FF!!!!  That's right, even though the passing of Unca' Johnny was quite the emotional hurdle, the FF prevailed, evolving into another configuration with, surprisingly, an identical acronym! Mister Fantastic loves the taste of Millennium Fish from the planet Subjadon!  Just thought you should be told.

This Mister Fantastic Tee for women is from t-shirt maker, Mighty Fine.  That means:  A softer material; a better material; a material that might actually account for stretching, wall crawling, clobbering and light bending!

More Details:

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  • Color:White
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:30Single, Symbol
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Really like the t-shirt, only problem is that is was MUUUUUCH too large... I ordered XL, thisting that it was a junior, but it's just gigantic. Also, I got the Invisible Woman one, and not the Mr Fantastic.....