Flash Running iPhone 4 & 4S Slider Case

Images of Flash Running iPhone 4 & 4S Slider Case
Flash Running iPhone 4 Slider Case- Black ViewFlash Running iPhone 4 Slider Case- White View
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From quality phone cover manufacturer, Coveroo, we have a sturdy cover for your iPhone 4 & 4S, available in both black and white colors, adorned with an image of the Flash, aka Barry Allen, running away from......the usual boredom he tends to leave behind.  SNAP!

This image of Flash attempting to outrace his own mediocrity is applied using Coveroo's patented high color bonding technique which blends heat, adhesives and the highest quality inks available, ensuring the image won't flake, peel or fade!

This premium, sliding iPhone 4 & 4S case is perfect for fans of the Flash, the iPhone, Flash images adorning iPhone 4 & 4S cases and...fans of the Flash!  Barry Allen!  Mega-YAWN!  No amount of Crisis-level events will make you compelling, Bary Allen!!!!!!!

More Details:

  • - Color: celliPhone
  • - Licensor: DC
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