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HeroBox Flash Fastest Man Alive Edition

HeroBox Flash Fastest Man Alive Edition

HeroBox Flash Fastest Man Alive Edition

Silver Edition
Gold Edition

Ready...Get Set....and...Where did he go? Well, that's The Flash for you, here one second and oh, he's back already! When he's not racing Superman around the globe or enjoying a leisurely stroll in a park, The Flash is rushing to receive his very own Flash, Fastest Man Alive HeroBox®!

The Flash is... well, fast; I mean really fast. I cannot stress enough how fast he is and these boxes will be going off the shelves just as quick! Be sure to get your own before they're gone.

Why Do We Love The Flash?
Because there's nothing like having a super-friend that means it when he say's he'll be right over! I mean, like, right over. Just don't expect him to show up to a party fashionably late, for him that's a milisecond.


Choose Your Box Level

Silver Edition $49 Value of $70+

  • Speedforce-proof Shirt
  • Central City Apparel
  • Speedy Accessories
  • An overdue parking ticket

Gold Edition $69 Value of $100+

With an extra $30+ worth of Flash gear and unlimited access to the Speed Force (possibly?), the Gold Edition is the true fan's best bet for Flash bliss.


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HeroBox Flash Fastest Man Alive Edition
submitted 1 year ago

My daughter is a huge Flash fan, and she loved every item in the box.