Flash Symbol Keychain

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Measuring 1.75" across and 2.5" high, this soft, lucite-plastic keychain features the Flash symbol!  The Flash isn't here to pet your cat, row your boat or play the fiddle.  The Flash is here to run from New Mexico to Alpha Centauri in the time it takes you to clip a toenail!

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Winnipeg, MB

At first i was excited about it, then when i received it i wasin't so happy about it , the case was damaged the symbol inside was poorly cut and crooked, although i still wore it with honor , untill the metal triangle became lose and it fell off never to be found ... :/

Ontario, Canada

-the plastic casing was fairly scratched and there was a mark on the Flash symbol inside -had it been a more expensive item I would have returned it but as it stood I didn't think it was worth the bother -having said this I have never had any other problems with the items I have ordered from you