Kid Flash Bart Allen New 52 T-Shirt

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Don't let Inertia catch you wearing the Speed Force imbued Kid Flash Bart Allen New 52 T-Shirt! Made from 100% cotton and based on Bart Allen's new look in the New 52, the Kid Flash Bart Allen New 52 T-Shirt is a great item for any fan of DC Comics' Speedsters! Bart has the rather unique ability to send out 'scouts' into the Speed Force and the timestream, so the Kid Flash Bart Allen New 52 T-Shirt may be one of those...right? Either way, theis simple yellow shirt with a pronounced red bolt gets the point across and will not accelerate your growth.

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Chell, Flash Fanatic
Aloha, Or

This is just what I was looking for to add to my collection of Flash merchandise. It's comfortable and the print is bold and has been sturdy through many washes already! Long story short I am very happy with this product and I'm glad I could find it on this site!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Got this shirt out of impulse (pun not intended) I was a bit disheartened to learn that it was just an iron-on logo plastered to a boxy hanes shirt. I'm slim so this did not fit me at all. I can make a better shirt homemade. My advice to this company is to make the shirt out of softer and slimmer fabric. Also, I suggest you make this into a sweater with red trim on the end of the sleeves to mimic Bart's first new 52 outfit. It would be a hit.

Just a Simple Flash-Fan

LOVE this shirt, and I plan on getting one ASAP! However, it is to my slight broken heart that the misnomer of simply "Kid Flash" has once again confused the characters between eachother: this is Wally West's original Kid Flash logo, and is a logo-shirt I've been waiting to show up around the internet at some point for that reason. My absolute FAVORITE character in DC comicbook history is Wally's Kid Flash, so I'm beyond excited to see this design pop up here! Unfortunately it seems, though, that the two boy bullets have been confused with one another once again. Again, THRILLED to see this t-shirt up here! Will definitely recommend it to fellow Kid Flash fans!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Essential but meaningful

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.