The Flash Crimson Comet Central City Men's T-Shirt



The Flash Crimson Comet Central City Men's T-Shirt


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"He's the fastest runner in these here parts."

...said the town Marshall when referring to that "speedy feller" running around in red pajamas and calling himself "The Flash."

Yep, Central City, with its population of 1400 people, has one general store, a leather smith, a bank, 15 farms, 543 saloons, and a dress shop. 

But there's a lot of crime in Central, like the Boomerang Gang and the Cold Cavaliers -- thankfully, the Flash has taken up residence and the Marshall reckons he's here to stay. Word has it he's a little sweet on Iris, the Marshall's daughter.

Made from 100%, our Flash Crimson Comet Central City Men's T-Shirt celebrates the Flash with old-timey Western signage.

Yep, this Flash t-shirt really drives home the "Old West" aesthetic with white and distressed Western font, a Flash symbol, a wiry, ornate frame, and a call out to Flash's other notable moniker, "The Crimson Comet."

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Reviews of The Flash Crimson Comet Central City Men's T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 3 reviews)
Atlanta, GA


Submitted 1 year ago
Chicago IL

My son loves it

Submitted 1 year ago
Central city

Nice classic look mixed with the awesomeness of the flash

Submitted 1 year ago

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